Friday, April 22, 2016

That's what i called as "KARMA"

How does it feel To have someone making your life as a joke? How does it feel to have someone being hypocrite to u? Are you having fun with that? You're happy with tht? No? Not at all? Why not? I thought that's how u spend your life .. Making people's life as a joke, being hypocrite to your own friend . .it's all fun to you..but why? When people doing the same thing to you, you're not happy??? Then.. I should say "in your faceeeee bitch, have fun" 
So now you know it's a big deal? lol .. That only the beginning girl.. I've been facing you for few years.. Imagine how would it feel like..

"Don’t run away from who you are." - The Chronicles of Narnia

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