Wednesday, June 14, 2017

it's 2017! ( blog age - 7YEARS!)

hi.. so.. it's been awhile .. i didnt make time to post any stuff here and i feel old 👵(but in young state..old but young 😝) actually i dont know how to start and which part of my life i should begin with to share with you guys but i guess.. i'll start with how stuff going well again here and much better than it ever was.

i lose a friend (very close friend of mine) in 2012 and i didnt know how to describe the feeling. it was good and it was not. It feel good because wow..i never thought that my friend would betray me in such way (i've move on from her, dont worry.. i dont hate neither liking her..) I know.. it's been hard for her since i never contact her anymore. i've try to contact her once bc i heard tht she's is not in a very good condition (sick). and yes, she replied me but that it is, done💢. up til now, i never contact her anymore. im facing a "judgemental" term for 2 months or something after what she did to me. i have no one by my side. no one even bother to ask what really happen, they just stick to their own mind and judging by the story they heard. that's okay and alright because i've face the person who blindly spreading the hate (LOL) and it's good after all. why would i feel fear to face him anyway? i didnt do anything wrong right? so yea, we're good and he finally know what happen and the fact that i dont relate to the problem anyway. SHE JUST MAKE IT UP 😒 but that's alright. she is no longer my so called  "BFF" and im good. people start to be friend with me again after they know what really happen ( i can say they abandon me for quite a long time for that bullshit)

after i lose a friend, i gain one!🙌Emily,a  very good company of mine, listen to me well and pretty much helping me in so many way to cope with any problem and spending a good time together ever since "abandon term".we're so good up til now. ups and down together. so i guess, as saying goes every cloud has a silver lining is true. Thanks God for that. i could never imagine how im
 going to face those day without her (i sound like a les isnt it? but no haha..) that's mean by number, i have 3 of them by my side during ups and down.  the other two? ~ introducing you to the lady of my life since high school, Azi and Lexi. my best oxygen. my life. i cant stop thanking god that He give me this 3 human (haha) like what did i do in my past life to deserve them????! it must be so good haha..

and guess what? i meet this one kidding, man... it's gelvern. he ask me to go home with him and met his family and i did. i dont even know i was brave enough to meet the family. it never crossed my mind that i will meet his family that SOON! and we're going well. i've  spending more time with his mom compare to him (haha). it feels much better when he finally meet daddy ( i was so nervous, it's my first time anyway..) and they're good muehehhe.. and soon after he meet up with the whole family when my family visit his family here at sarikei, all the way from Miri ( few times). 💓 he'll be done with degree in 3 years onward (i'll wait as i say, the future planning 🌑.. let's make it happen as pupu (his father) say okay love? 💗 bobiu.. muehehe..

and..this is my final year..i've been fighting with my own emotion and feeling that keep ask me to be sad. Why? friend..  memories.. love.. everything that i have in 5 years and a half.. how can i left that.. i would want to graduate but no.. i still wanna be here together with 19 of them (classmate).. and mi love.. (i dont wanna be sad, so let's stop here first hahah)

take care everyone,
love, Jeanne.
"Don’t run away from who you are." - The Chronicles of Narnia

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